When The Hernia Mesh Repair Procedure Didn’t Succeed

hernia mesh surgery
Overall guide to hernia mesh repair
May 31, 2019

A hernia is a bulge which occurs in an area of weakened or torn muscles. Over time, these damaged muscles become less able to support related tissues, fat, and organs, they allow those tissues and organs to push through, creating a bulge which can be felt and often seen.

Traditionally, to repair a hernia, a surgeon simply pushed the bulge or the protrusion back into place and sewed or stitched the muscles. However it showed more chances of recurrence of the hernia.

It was clear that hernia repairs needed additional support if they were to last and in a 2010 study, the concept of using a mesh product to repair hernias was introduced. Mesh products are net-like patches made of sterile, woven material which are used to shore up and support distended muscles and tissues. They are made of softer, more flexible and lightweight materials which can be easily incorporated into the body’s muscles and tissues to help create a permanent hernia repair and act as a scaffold for new tissue growth.

This repair of hernia mesh procedure gained much popularity and had caused a stir amongst the patients and physicians.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned n April 2016 that they had received plenty of reports of complications related to hernia repair with recalled surgical mesh products. “Pain, infection, recurrence, adhesion, obstruction, and perforation are the most common complications associated with recalled mesh,” they stated.

Individuals who have suffered serious injuries from these mesh products may be able to pursue legal claims against the manufacturers. Some of these claims have already seen justice and resulted in large awards for plaintiffs. For instance, there have been reports including a $1.5 million verdict in a 2010 C. R. Bard Kugel hernia mesh case. Bard also agreed to pay $184 million in 2011 to settle more than 3,000 hernia mesh claims.

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