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What is Hernia Mesh?

There are many types of hernia repair products available, but surgeons typically use a sterile, woven material made from a synthetic plastic-like material, such as polypropylene. The repair can be in the form of a patch that goes under or over the weakness, or it can be in the form of a plug that goes inside the hole. Mesh is very sturdy and strong, yet extremely thin. It is also soft and flexible to allow it to easily conform to body’s movement, position, and size. It is used in both tension-free and laparoscopic tension-free hernia repairs.

How is it applied?

It is generally available in various measurements and can often be cut to size. Depending on the repair technique used, it’s placed either under or over the defect in the abdominal wall and held in place by a few sutures. Mesh acts as “scaffolding” for new growth of a patient’s own tissue, which eventually incorporates into the surrounding area.


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So, what happens then?

We are finding people that have received a procedure with this dangerous device are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers. Some recalled products are made from a polypropylene plastic, which is allegedly not compatible with the human body. Accusations of designing a completely dangerous product and failing to warn patients and the medical community of its health risks are coming to light more and more each day. If you or a loved one think you may have been injured from a Hernia Issue then contact us immediately. We can help you get some answers for your questions like, “why”. You may be entitled to financial compensation. To help you understand the magnitude of this malpractice, check out some cases of recalled product by clicking the button below.

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